Mission Addiction is a Christian, nonprofit organization based in Dayton, Ohio, with a nationwide reach.

The birth of this mission came from our founder’s life-changing volunteering experience  at church and the fact that Dayton was considered the worst city in the country for the heroin/opioid crisis. “I felt like God was calling me to ‘bottle’ that
rewarding volunteer feeling and build a team who would serve others.

The name ‘Mission Addiction’ came from God, the day before our kickoff meeting.” 

We started off with a simple support group and prayer team in 2017. From the start, people told us, “Your approach would help ANYONE – not just people struggling with addiction.” We’ve added several services since then and we have a vision for more.
Building and training a large volunteer workforce is still important to
our mission. 
Part of our plan is for participants to gain value and purpose by serving others.
It’s a Mission Addiction!

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Edward is a former business consultant and Six Sigma Master Black Belt who believes there is no such thing as an unsolvable problem. He and his consulting team researched addiction and mental health issues in Dayton and saw common root causes as well as solutions. In parallel, he increasingly felt the rewards of serving through teaching in children’s ministry, nonprofit work, coaching and mentoring, and then, leading this mission. “God took our problem-solving focus and turned it into a ministry that now serves the whole person and the whole family in so many different ways. Our growing team of nationwide volunteers keeps helping us create a unique blend of services in a unique spiritual community. It’s extremely rewarding to witness individuals, couples and families making good progress on multiple levels! MY life has been forever blessed, too!”


"I am an MSW student intern in an online program at Andrews University. My greatest desire is to serve others and be a blessing to someone in need. MA is growing me spiritually and mentally. I love that this organization is meeting people where they are and helping people through their darkest moments. I know that God has placed me here for 'such a time as this' and I look forward to seeing where God is going to take this organization in the future."


Dave’s career in information technology leadership and strategy has spanned 40 years. During that time, Dave has also been a volunteer in many youth development activities including sports, Christian education, finance, and advanced math. Dave’s interest in mental health and addiction stems from the loss of his oldest son through bi-polar disorder and subsequent addiction. “I’ve served since the beginning in 2017 and always enjoy seeing the progress from someone’s first encounter until now.”

Vice President

"I'm a Brazilian with a solid foundation in Chemical Engineering and an MBA in Project Management. I have worked for multinationals as well as family businesses. Throughout my career, I've blended technical expertise with strategic thinking. There is one constant in my professional journey — a commitment to excellence and a passion for making a positive impact. Mental health advocacy is close to my heart. I believe in the power of community and support, which is why I volunteer for Mission Addiction. It’s a beautiful cause that strives to make a difference, one heart at a time, in a society where mental health challenges persist. I'm excited about the possibilities ahead - let's connect!"

Shannon Wymer

Shannon found Mission Addiction through a volunteer opportunity. She's in recovery and wanted to give back and serve people struggling with addiction and mental health. She serves as the organization's executive assistant and aids with events and outreach. She is from Franklin, Ohio and has been in administration for 10 years, and in accounting for two years. She is currently in the Map program. "I am truly blessed to have discovered Mission Addiction, and am so happy to be a part of the program. It is truly life-changing, as I can attest to personally." Shannon@Mission-Addiction.org

Dawn Musick

“I struggled with addiction for 15 years and have been in recovery since April 10th, 2018. My fiancé and I saw the sign outside the church for Mission Addiction and joined in January, 2019. We’ve loved it and have been involved ever since. We graduated together from the MAP for Healing and Recovery aftercare program and I’m passionate to serve on the board. I’ve learned so much since the beginning of my recovery, it’s crazy! I’m looking forward to further growth and serving others! Dawn@Mission-Addiction.org

Diviyashree Kasiviswanathan

I’m an undergrad student at the U. of Cincinnati College of Medicine, aspiring to be a psychiatrist. I started volunteering at MA in 2022 as a graphic designer and social media analyst. I transitioned to coaching and saw the powerful impact that our programs have on struggling individuals. MA provides a holistic approach, integrating spirituality, counseling, and community engagement. I accepted my role as a board member because of MA’s strong emphasis on creating a supportive and non-judgmental environment, where people can explore their potential and redefine their lives. I am looking forward to continued learning and growth!.

The following was inspired by student volunteers:

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